How to sign in to the Help Centre

If you're a LeftBrain client, you'll need to log in to our Help Centre to communicate with our team. To do so, click the Sign In button in the top right of the window. You'll be presented with the login screen:

 If your company uses G Suite (Google Apps), it's easy: click Sign in with Google and, if prompted, select and log in to your work email account.

Non Google users, enter your work email and password on the left hand side of the login box. This will be a password you've set specifically for our helpdesk, and won't necessarily match your company password.

If you've previously emailed our helpdesk, but never logged in, click Get a password. You'll be prompted for your work email, to which we'll send a link to set a password (allowing you login as per step 2).


If you need help logging in, chat to us using the icon in the bottom right of the window. You can also email or call 0207 183 8293.

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