Understanding your Invoice or Statement

You'll receive an invoice or a statement per service you have with us.

For example, if you have one of our Support Subscriptions and a G Suite subscription, you'll receive two invoices. They may share the same invoice date, but sometimes, it may differ depending on when each subscription is started. 

For the most part, the invoice is self explanatory. There are times where a subscription is changed half-way through a month, for example, adding a new user for support. In this case, our billing system automatically calculates the correct costs, pro rata. You'll see this change itemised on your invoice as per the example below.

In the example below, the invoice therefore covers: 1 user for 13 days, plus all 36 users for the 30 days in April.

The blue highlighted area of the invoice represents the pro rata service. We can see that an additional G Suite user was requested on the 19th of the month. £1.37 plus VAT of £0.27 represents the cost for the service from the 19th to the 31st of the month.

The green highlighted area is the full monthly renewal cost for all of the users, including the recently added user for the entire month, along with the VAT element as well.


The tax element of the invoice is currently not tallied at the bottom (though we are aware of this and working to get this into our invoices). Instead you'll need to add up the separate VAT line items together to get the full VAT element of the invoice. In this example, it comes to £24.03.

If you've any questions or queries regarding your invoice(es), the please get in touch at accounts@leftbrain.it


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