What is a Support Request?

All our subscription customers can submit an unlimited number of support requests. These have a response time of up to 8 business hours, though the vast majority of support requests are resolved well within this time.

If you need guaranteed help within the hour, consider submitting or upgrading to an Incident

Examples of Support Requests:

  • Password or login requests: these will be provided at point of contact / ASAP.
  • New User setup.
  • Printer or scanner setup.
  • File permission issues.
  • General questions.
  • Any other non-urgent issue.

What’s not included?

  • Email archiving and filing for administrative reasons.
  • Data entry.
  • Large amounts of computer filing or archiving.
  • Computer data transfer (for machine swaps); excluding data transfers from a dead machine to a replacement.
  • Cabling or rewiring.
  • New server setups.
  • Large changes to server/network configuration or topology.
  • Office relocation.

For any of the above, we will quote as a fixed cost project.

More details are available within our terms and conditions. 


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