G Suite Pricing - April 2019

From April 2019, Google are updating their prices for all G Suite Basic and Business customers.

From Google: "G Suite has increased in value through the years, but its price has remained the same for more than a decade. In order to keep pace with the value that G Suite now delivers, starting April 2019, we will increase the list price of our Basic and Business editions."

Price changes

Product Current Pricing   New Pricing from April 2019
G Suite Basic £3.30 ▶️ £4.60
G Suite Business £6.60 ▶️ £9.20

All prices are per user licence and exclusive of VAT.

If customers are on annual payment plans, the new pricing will take effect during their annual contract renewal.

💁 No other products, e.g. Google Drive storage, or G Suite for Education or NFP organisations are affected.

Should we expect more increases in the future?

While Google reserves the right to make price adjustments in the future, we don’t expect to make any additional changes in the near term. We understand the impact this change may have on our customers, but believe this price increase is aligned with the value customers get from our products today.

Read more from on Google's Blog about this price change.


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